About Us : QtPi was established in 2016 and since then it has collaborated with 40+ schools, providing training in Robotics and STEAM. QtPi has achieved significant results across the schools it is collaborating with by providing not just theoretical knowledge but also by providing practical and hands-on experience with the kit provided by it.In 2016 QtPi had stepped in KARNATAKA by collaborating with one of the prestigious schools, Bishop Cotton Girls School.

To Know about [QtPi Robotics] (https://www.qtpi.in/)

Individual achievements.

Mayo Srinidhi from Grade 6C, has come up with Minifan using an old RC car motor, wheel and a regulator.

Sandhiya from 5A has done a Brooming robot using motors, plates, plastic cups and brush


Star Students for the Academic year 2019-2020

Star Teams for the Academic Year 2019-2020

QtPi robotics Team has endeavoured tremendous effort On Robocup Junior 2019 in Moscow.

In the month of January grade 7 girls participated in ROBOFEST conducted by NOVOTECH.

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