QtPi was established in 2016 and since then it has collaborated with 40+ schools, providing training in Robotics and STEAM. QtPi has achieved significant results across the schools it is collaborating with by providing not just theoretical knowledge but also by providing practical and hands-on experience with the kit provided by it. In 2019 QtPi had stepped in Kengeri by collaborating with one of the prestigious schools, National Public School, Kengeri. NPS Kengeri is strong in being locally rooted but globally competent as every little kind deed contributes like a raindrop put together making an ocean of humanity

To Know about [QtPi Robotics] (https://www.qtpi.in/)

QTSTAR Team badge design competition

QtPi conducted a Badge Design Competition in July to identify QtSTAR Team and the winners from our school are:

Start student of the academic year 2019-2020 is ABHAYARAMA A B 6 A

‚óŹ Robotics club activity

Robotics Club activity is being conducted as part of the co curricular activities for grade 5 to grade 8 and students actively participated in the Robotics Club activities

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