QtPi was established in 2016 and since then it has collaborated with 40+ schools, providing training in Robotics and STEAM. QtPi has achieved significant results across the schools it is collaborating with by providing not just theoretical knowledge but also by providing practical and hands-on experience with the kit provided by it. In 2018 QtPi collaborated with The Packianath Public School.

To Know about [QtPi Robotics] (https://www.qtpi.in/)

Principal: Dr.L.Xavier Eugien

I feel immensely pleased in welcoming you on behalf of the dynamic, competent and prestigious team of TPPS, a school that is creating an impression for its educational excellence through Active Learning.

We believe in catering and aesthetic ambience that would be required to fulfill the quench of global recognition , and thus the efficiency of The Packianath Public School (TPPS) has been sculpted upon three vital factors : Parents , Students and the school management. Our parents have been highly instrumental in our school's growth. The trust they have vested in our standards clearly indicate their positivity, support and a high-level of responsibility in taking the school process in the right perspective through their constructive feedback, involvement and encouragement. My heartfelt thanks to them all for their faith in us which we are committed to see efficaciously achieved.

Being a global citizen is the need of the hour, we nurture our students to be empathetic and skillful in knowledge. Academically our children are showing remarkable progress for the past three years. Our children have explored in all competitions and brought laurels to TPPS.

The management , under the guidance of our correspondent Mr.P.Sundarnath, is highly supportive to TPPS in progressing towards excellence. It is the collective vision of the TPPS management to foster global citizens.

We, TPPians look forward to prosperous learning days ahead.

Prayers and wishes to all TPPians

In the annual robotics exhibition which was held in november 2019, our young reporter Efen reported on various projects performed by the students in the Robotics Exhibition. All the students from grade 2 to 9 participated and 34 Innovative projects were displayed by the students.

Students put more effort into this event and succeeded, which was highly appreciated by management, teachers and parents.

QtPi robotics Team has endeavour tremendous effort On ROBOTICS EXHIBITION in The Packianath Public School

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