QtPi was established in 2016 and since then it has collaborated with 40+ schools, providing training in Robotics and STEAM. QtPi has achieved significant results across the schools it is collaborating with by providing not just theoretical knowledge but also by providing practical and hands-on experience with the kit provided by it. In 2018, QtPi had stepped in Nagercoil by collaborating with one of the prestigious schools, The Rajas International School.

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Science Expo was conducted on November 10, of 2018.Students actively exhibited projects , being creative and skilled in their own way. The purpose of the exhibition was to bring out new ideas, magnify their skills and enhance imagination.

There are a lot of Inventions in various fields. In Agriculture , the Farmer's Assistant helps to automate, sensing moisture content in the soil and pump water based on moisture .Efficiency and making work easy are the highlights of this robot.

Yet another project exhibited was Home Automation with Voice control, where students automated Fans, Lights and Doors.

Students were encouraged to make DIY Projects from material and components used everyday as a part of their vacation projects.

Manish Kumar and Manishvar of Grade IV came up with an Ant-bot and a car

Children never stop themselves imaginating alone. They compose imagination to reality . Turning imagination into child's play- Smart Goggles.

A Glimpse on Art Work , following their Flight of Fancy on Robots.

Mastering the art of robotics has always been considered far from being a child's play. But proving the notion wrong, students explore, experiment on creating robots.

Student's "RADAR" Project was yet another achievement of this academic year 2019-2020.

The students who were active on the RADAR project were:

Children of Grade 4, along with their brilliant DIY projects,

In addition, children achieved to design, program and work on BasketBall Counter which is indeed a radiant project.

Besides learning automation, children go an extra mile to know stuffs related .

Feedback of grade 6&7 students

Feedback of grade 4 student


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